What pastel blue can do for your kitchen

Nature inspires so many paint colours and seasonal themes, and this spring/summer is no different. It’s the colour of flax petals (the plant from which linen’s grown) that inspired Neptune’s shade of the season – Flax Blue.

Blooming at the end of June, the petals turn the flax fields a hazy sea of blue, though the flowers only last a single day. Taking that blue tone, Neptune added grey to make it more muted, give it more depth, and make it easier to incorporate into a home.

Here’s what Neptune had to say about the psychology of pastel blues…

Light blue is the colour most commonly linked to creativity and serenity. Hailing back to nature, with associations to the sky and the ocean, the shade is versatile and unique, proving perfect in any room.

For kitchens and living spaces, Flax Blue will emphasise the room’s capability for relaxation and recreation. Looking to the bedroom, our latest hue will create a peaceful space to settle down and snuggle into of an evening.



Utilise blue in your home, be it through paint, fabric or decoration, to instill a sense of calm, and nurture an imaginative environment.  

Every colour palette benefits from a bit of contrast – it’s what makes each shade look its very best. That’s why this type of blue has an abundance of perfect pairings to showcase earthy, calm tones.

For spring 2019, Flax Blue is joined by Denim – a blue that’s similar tone just a few shades darker – and York Rose, a light neutral, in our Chloe linen; and by Rust, a deep, rich colour found on both plain and striped fabrics.

If you wish to incorporate pastel blue at home, look to combine it with contrasting, neutral shades to prepare your space for the warmer months to come.


Neptune | neptune.com/

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