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Everyone wants their home to stand out. They want visitors to be amazed or, at the least, intrigued by the products they have chosen to fill their kitchens and bathrooms with. However, many are unsure how to deviate from the norms and achieve this reaction. That’s why Utopia are running Unique Week to give you a few ideas on how to put a personal stamp on your home and get your guests talking…


White induction hob

Ideal for homeowners looking to create a bright kitchen space, white appliances lend themselves to a minimalist environment due to the products light and clean finish. These new hobs have been specifically designed with crisp white surfaces and high gloss kitchens in mind, both popular choices in today’s kitchen market.


Coloured bathroom basins

No longer is the bathroom a plain white box. Homeowners are increasingly looking to add a touch of personality to their spaces, and colour is a great way to do this. Colour can have a huge impact on the design of a bathroom, especially in a smaller space where it can become a statement focal point.


Basin bracket


Perfect for those wanting a more contemporary look, the Finn support bracket is a design element in its own right and perfectly blends form and function.

The founder of the London Basin Company and interior designer Anna Callis says: “I wanted a subtle yet stylish bracket that was going to really show our basins off and work in small spaces. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I set about creating what I had in mind.”


Recycled glass worktop


Granite & TREND offer worktops and surfaces which contain up to 72% post-consumer recycled glass made from used lager, wine and mineral water bottles. Aimed at the ‘eco chic’ marketplace, the designs display their environmental credentials by featuring glass fragments bonded together with a clear polymer resin, to create beautiful worktops that are extremely tough, heat, stain and scratch resistant, and sustainable. These recycled glass materials are not simply restricted to worktops; they are equally at home in the bathroom, shower, wetroom, lobby or outside living space.


Framed bathtub

A highlight of Duravit’s XViu series is the free-standing bathtub, which creates an eye-catching centerpiece. The prominent metal frame with the familiar V-shaped bathtub profile comes in Champagne Matt or Black Matt as a contrast to the high-gloss white acrylic. The frame supports the free-standing bathtub and gives a post-industrial elegance to the room.


Minimalist radiators

Like a piece of decorative art, the Mono Beam sections can be mounted separately, together, at a distance or an angle, in the same colour or different shades. The temperature is regulated via a single thermostat which can control the sections in series or separately. The innovative design also completely conceals the collector, making the valve set invisible and also integrates the suspensions.


Patterned cement tiles

The London Chevron 3D cement tiles in the Bermondsey collection by Lindsey Lang, available at Domus in pink and cream, are based on a pattern created by British painter Enid Marx in 1938, originally composed of a green and red grid of squares that formed an overall zig-zag shape. The design appeared on fabric used for seats across Piccadilly and Central line tube trains.


Contoured basin


Lee Frost, Director at Waters Baths of Ashbourn said: “Just like pebbles in the ocean, we wanted to create the illusion that the perfect organic silhouette has formed over centuries – the sea slowly shaping the smooth contours of the bath with its steady currents and torrents, wearing it down to create the most natural of forms – forever evolving.”

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