Sparkling bathrooms: How to tackle troublesome watermarks

After a mild winter it may come as a surprise that Spring has arrived. And what better way to celebrate than with a spot of spring cleaning? Mira Showers say that bathrooms are typically one of the trickiest rooms in the house to keep sparkling due to the large number of shiny surfaces, water and of course the toiletries that we use every day. From relentless soap scum and watermarks, to mould build-up, Mira Showers have a  few tips for tackling those tiresome issues:

Why do watermarks appear?

Watermarks are caused when hard water – water that is high in minerals such as lime, calcium and silica – dries and leaves deposits on bathroom surfaces such as porcelain and glass. Where you live will affect how quickly watermarks build up. London and the South of England are known for hard water, but even traditionally soft water areas may now be experiencing harder water.

If you have a shower enclosure or shower screen, you’ll know the tell-tale signs of watermarks all too well: droplet shaped marks that blight the glass and appear after every shower, once the water has dried. It can be extremely difficult to get rid of watermarks from glass and, without proper cleaning, they’ll either return very quickly or merely be smeared around the surface. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to remove water marks and to prevent them from coming back.

How can watermarks be prevented?

  1. Buy a shower squeegee

These can be picked up from most supermarkets or hardware stores. You can even buy some that attach to the wall of your shower so that they’re always on hand. Every time you shower, scrape all the moisture off the glass of your enclosure or screen to stop the droplet shaped watermarks appearing in the first place. If you forget to do it every day, that’s not a problem, even doing it every now and again will make a difference.

  1. Buy a water softener

This is a slightly more expensive method to look into and we’d only suggest it if you’re having regular and serious issues with hard water. Hard water can cause damage to pipes, appliances and even your hair and skin, so – if you live in an area with this issue – it’s worth considering buying a machine that will soften the water as it enters your home. That way watermark build-up will be significantly reduced.

If you live in an area with chronic hard water, it’s also worth considering what else you can be doing to reduce limescale build-up. Mira’s Clearscale technology can help with this, having been specially designed to prevent the problems that come with limescale, giving showers longer life and a better performance. Similarly, it’s worth taking a look at the Mira Ascend shower enclosure, which features Mira CleanCoat technology, helping to keep the glass streak-free.

How to get rid of tough watermarks

At Mira, we believe strongly in the cleaning power of white vinegar. It’s the best way we’ve found to remove watermarks and limescale from glass. We recommend always having a bottle or two stored away for removing these annoying problems. Make sure it’s white distilled vinegar though, as malt or cider vinegar won’t clean as thoroughly, and coloured vinegars can stain your surfaces.

A step-by-step guide:

  1. Mix equal parts water and white vinegar together;
  2. Clean out a spray bottle thoroughly and add the mixture;
  3. Spray the affected area with the mixture, making sure that it’s completely covered;
  4. Use a cotton cloth to completely wipe the area. If any stubborn stains won’t come off, pour the mixture onto a cloth and scrub;
  5. Squeegee the area and then buff with a microfibre cloth;
  6. If water marks still show up or stubborn marks persist, then turn to a more aggressive specialist water stain remover;
  7. Put on protective gloves, open all windows and doors and turn on the extractor fan (if you have one) before spraying;
  8. Follow instructions on the bottle carefully and don’t leave on the surface longer than recommended;
  9. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

Want to go further with your spring clean? Check out our top tips for cleaning bathroom grout here.


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