Top tips on how to slip some red into your bathroom

Most people see red as a colour to be feared. With its typical connotations of danger, it comes as no surprise that people shy away from using it in their interior design projects. However, it’s important to remember this colour also represents passion, energy, adventure and confidence.

Maria Gratsova, Creative Director at Bright Designs, gives her top tips on how to be brave and make red work in the bathroom:


Exert control

“Bathrooms tend to be spa-like serene spaces, sometimes at risk of appearing lifeless and monotonous. To inject intensity and a sense of romance into the bathroom, I recommend using red in a controlled manner.

“If you like the idea of red tiles, then think how the effect of the colour will be amplified by their texture – for instance, I would keep gloss finish red tiles to very small areas only.”


Make a feature

“A painted red feature wall, or a portion of wall, could look stunning as a backdrop to a black or brass framed mirror, alongside some industrial or Art Deco-inspired wall lights. A red mosaic (as a splashback or in the shower) can be very effective, as the grout lines will add interest and help bring the surface alive.”


Mix it up

“A bathroom scheme of red and white alone can feel a little harsh and utilitarian. Instead, you may want to bring in subtle greys (such as concrete) or go bolder and pair the red with one or more different orange elements to create a simple but effective analogous scheme.”



“If all this sounds like too much commitment, but you are still intrigued, then accessories may be the way forward. You may simply wish to add red towels, a bath mat or candles to bring a touch of energy and adventure into your bathroom.”



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