Top tips on how to enhance wellbeing in the bathroom

Geberit consumer marketing manager, David Bond’s top tips on how to enhance wellbeing in the bathroom

With modern life becoming ever-more demanding, it has never been so important to take conscious steps to unwind, decompress, and relax at the end of a busy day. The strains of the technology-driven, fast-paced world in which we live can often leave us feeling over-worked, stressed out, and desperately seeking a peaceful space in the home, and where better to find this than the bathroom. With thoughtful design, clever product innovations, and careful choices in materials, textures, and colours, you can transform your bathroom into the perfect sanctuary space.

Natural materials

The sensation of touch is a fundamental part of our daily experience, and incorporating beautiful textures and natural materials into the design of a bathroom helps improve our sense of wellbeing. With a wide range of materials now available in bathroom design, from glass, metal, stone and wood, not only can your bathroom look beautiful and be highly functional, it can provide a sensory experience with every touch. For that perfect, on-trend finishing touch, the new Sigma21 flush plate is available in a range of natural materials to suit every design, from smooth glass to rustic natural slate sourced from Brazil.

Odour extraction

Thanks to pioneering smart technology we no longer have to use overpowering sprays or chemicals to mask unpleasant odours. Many smart toilets, such as the Geberit AquaClean Mera shower toilet, features ceramic filter technology which not only removes unpleasant odours from within the bowl, but also helps to clean the air and improve air quality, promoting greater clarity of mind.

Smart storage solutions

A tidy home is a tidy mind, and smart storage solutions are an easy step to achieving a clutter-free, calming space. Solutions such as wall-hung cabinets to help maximise space, create the illusion of a larger room, and provide a place for everyday essentials. An easy addition to the bathroom is a hybrid solution, like the Geberit Acanto illuminated mirror cabinet, which not only provides the perfect beauty station and offers adjustable ambient lighting, but also features much needed storage for toiletries and added benefits such as charging portals. 

Soft lighting

The right lighting is another essential element of enhancing wellbeing in the bathroom, and should complement our body’s natural rhythm and moods. As well as illuminated mirrors, products with built-in orientation lights, such as the Geberit Monolith cistern, are becoming increasingly popular. Available in a sleek, space-saving design and a range of colours to suit all tastes, the soft glow guides users to the toilet during the night, eliminating the need to switch on bright lights and therefore helping to preserve the sanctity of sleep.

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