Space-saving tips for small kitchens

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But not all of us are lucky enough to have large kitchens with tonnes of space for gadgets, storage and lust-worthy islands. However, small kitchens don’t have to mean compromise. To help you create the perfect compact kitchen for your unique style, Richard Broadbent, Managing Director, Sinks-Taps shares his top space-saving tips…


It’s all in the planning

A functional floor plan is important for any kitchen, but it’s doubly important if you’re lacking square meters.

Think about how you a new arrangement will work for you in practice and overcome any annoying gripes you currently have. Pay attention to the layout of your cabinets and ensure your sink, fridge and oven are all easily accessible with enough counter space next to each.

Ask yourself, do you need a full-size dishwasher? The same applies to sinks; you can buy ranges made for small kitchens which will fit better and use less water, a double bonus! An instant hot water tap can also get rid of the need to have a kettle, saving space on your counters.

Make a statement

If you have a small kitchen, go big on fixtures to draw the eye to focal points in the room.

Industrial ceiling pendent lighting can break up the space and create a feature above a breakfast bar.

A kitchen sink and tap combo in a striking metallic finish like copper, brass, bronze or rose gold to add interesting colour and texture.

Use pattern in unexpected places for a high-impact design element. A patterned floor will give the illusion of a greater expanse to the space; try chevron wooden flooring or geometric tiles.

Let there be light

No matter how many tricks you have up your sleeve, bad lighting will always make a space feel smaller.

Reflective stainless steel or granite worktops can give the illusion of extra space by bouncing light around the room, as do mirrored backsplashes.

Open shelving instead of cabinets can make the space light and airy while keeping functionality. Installing LED lights under shelving above the hob, sink and chopping board will ensure bright, focused task lighting, while adding a sense of depth to the countertops.

Colour simplicity

From the beginning, choose a colour scheme and stick to it. Too many colours in a small space will leave the room feeling overcrowded, with each fighting for attention.

White or light neutral colours like soft grey, sage green, egg shell blue and taupe will brighten and open-up a small space. You can always introduce one or two bolder accent colours through kitchen accessories and soft furnishings.

Clever storage

As well as having practical benefits, the more surface space you can see, the bigger your kitchen will look.

While you may not have space to add an island, think about a table that can double as a spot for preparation and an informal eating area. Add transparent bar stools to avoid overcrowding the area.

Integrating appliances into your cabinetry can keep your compact space looking sleek.

Use every inch of cabinet space for storage. Think vertical dividers, door shelves and interior drawers to stack and organise items. The tops of your cabinets are also prime storage real estate and underneath is the perfect spot for toekick drawers.

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