6 ways to add a soft industrial touch to your bathroom

soft industrial toilet

The industrial trend has been around for many years and shows little sign of disappearing. However, this urban, stripped back style has evolved and a more soft industrial look has emerged. By using darker colours, creative design and textured finishes, bringing the modern industrial trend in to your bathroom has never been easier.  


When considering introducing the industrial style, the most obvious aspects includes; rough textures, weathered surfaces, concrete, exposed brick and pipe work. However, for most bathrooms this maybe somewhat harsh or unachievable, the soft industrial style is all about taking the edge off. Use muted, cool greys which will achieve a toned down industrial look, add more curved shapes into the mix and include tactile materials and different surfaces. This creates the industrial vibe without losing sight of the fact that you are designing a bathroom and still want to feel warm and comfortable. Also, Jayne Barnes, MD at AQATA, said: “AQATA’S new Matte Black Collection embraces the industrial look without needing to fully embrace rough exposed brickwork and bare pipes.” 


 Mix and Match – try combining matt and gloss colours as well as introducing a variety of textures and materials such as; steelwood and copper as well as adding a limestone/concrete floor (effect) alongside a softer, colour palette. 


If soft industrial feels a little safe and you want to go bolder, don’t be afraid to go for darker with colours like slate, anthracite and black. The addition of a contemporary, monochrome element, such as a shower screen, can make a bold, eye-catching statement to any bathroomUse other structures too, such as an edgier looking textured aluminium radiator in Metallic Grey or Grey Aluminium, this will not only radiate valuable heat but will create a unified industrial look. 


 There are now a range of shower trays which have been designed to give the appearance of stripped back, water–worn stone and although available in lighter shades, when used in anthracite or concrete they can give the bathroom an much edgier and more industrial feel. 


For a cohesive industrial style bathroom, it’s important to consider the bathroom accessories; selecting those which bring together all of the finishing touches and help to create the perfect urban bathroom. Try minimalist, Scandinavian inspired designer accessories such as Unidrain’s Reframe Collection; combine hand polish or brushed steel and rubber, curves and angles in items such as a soap shelf, towel bar and toilet roll holder and brush.    


Lighting in the bathroom is also a key consideration. There are many lighting trends around, but caged pendant lights to illuminated bathroom mirrors or cabinets are great for the soft industrial look. Lighting plays an integral part in the overall ambience of the room. Mean and moody lighting may work at bath-time, but bolder and brighter illumination is needed for shaving or the application of makeup. 


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