How to sneak some colour into your bathroom

Colour is a great way of adding warmth to a bathroom and stops it from feeling too clinical from the overuse of white. Luxury bathroom designer, BC Designs, have noticed a rise in homeowners becoming more adventurous with how they achieve colour, with a move towards coloured ceramics, brassware and furniture.

Advancements in technology, both from a ceramics and brassware point of view has made using colour much easier which is why we’re seeing some really vibrant bathroom products in magazines and on the likes of pinterest. While avocado suites haven’t quite made a comeback yet, we have seen baby pink and deep blue sanitaryware from prominent bath ware manufacturers.

With colour making a strong statement, it is an exciting time for bathroom design and it has never been easier for you to create some really stunning designs. Patterned tiles are one of the easiest ways to do this, but there are even more adventurous options says BC Designs…

Adaptable bath ware

Choosing pieces that add colour but are adaptable gives you the opportunity to change your bathroom as trends and personal taste change. One example is a painted boat bath (above). It fits the brief for colour personalisation, and what is great, is once you’ve had enough of the colour, it can be repainted using the guidelines set out. You’ll also find a traditional shape such as a coloured boat bath can work as a chameleon, blending into both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

Subtle metallics 

Colour can also be achieved by thinking outside the box too. When we think of colour, we traditionally think of brighter colours, but there are more subtle products including those with metallic elements. BC Design’s Copper Boat Bath Collection which is available in four warm metallic finishes of Copper, Copper/Nickel, Nickel and Tin, is made using traditional handcrafted techniques and is completely unique to you.



Make it matt

This is true of finishes as well. Matt and silk matt finishes are set to be huge over the coming months and it is an area we’ve spent time investing in. Tapping into both colour and industrial trends is our latest launch, the concrete-inspired Vive bath which replicates all the beautiful colouring of polished concrete into a matt-silk finish bath.

No more boring brassware

This is the same when it comes to brassware as we see more colours and finishes coming through and it will make a huge impact and certainly create some show-stopper bathrooms. It is also a great way of reducing that clinical feel to all-white bathrooms that we’ve mentioned previously. There is now a vast array of coloured brassware products such as shower heads, taps and shower accessories with brushed gold being a particular favourite as it works so well with the navy blues that remain popular. However, expect new colours to come to the forefront including our predication teal, which will have its moment in the spotlight over the coming months.


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