Mix it up: The secret to pulling off a red kitchen

When asked how she would make a red kitchen work, Hayley Simmons, Head of Merchandising for Magnet, revealed a very interesting technique…

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of incorporating a colour as daring as red into the kitchen, it’s easier than you may think. For example, try mixing statement red hued cabinets with neutral shades to liven up the space. The mixing of two tones will create a modern finish, but stick to a maximum of one or two additional colours (alongside the red), to ensure the final look is cohesive and polished.

Our Magnet Create paint to order colour in Pass the Merlot is perfect for creating this look. The softer, earthier red tones combined with dark grey Truffle Oil, is a wonderful example of how red can work in the kitchen, and is paired with white worktops for a clean, crisp finish.

One of the year’s key trends we have identified at Magnet is ‘Modern Rustic’, which is inspired by an eclectic mix of industrial finishes featuring natural textures such as woods, linens and ceramics to create a contemporary, rural feel. Natural woods and rustic finishes in particular are a great neutraliser when working with dynamic shades such as red, as the mix of textures add a homely touch that can help soften bold colours.

Accessorise your red kitchen with vintage objects like rustic stools, and industrial touches such as wire baskets and ceramic pieces, to create a welcoming atmosphere and really work the Modern Rustic trend which is key for 2019.


Magnet | magnet.co.uk

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