Express your passion for pastel with mosaic tiles

Pastel colours with their soft, enchanting qualities can saturate kitchens and bathrooms with transcendent calm. These hues reflect dawn and dusk, and the cheerful optimism of spring.  At their best, pastel colours reflect the abundance of tranquility found in nature from the luminescent green of new growth grass, to the dusty charm of hydrangea petals.  When pastel blues are inspired by sky and sea, interiors invite contemplation. 

The challenge in using pastel colours in design is to achieve delicacy without fragility, nostalgia without sentimentality, and innocence without being insipid. There are several considerations that make pastel palettes in kitchens and bathrooms a captivating choice.


Using texture to create compelling surfaces is one of the primary ways to keep gentle pastel colours from becoming too bland. Rather than flat paint to introduce your favorite shade, think about materials that beg to be touched like natural stone and woven textiles.Inherent in mosaics that can be used in vertical and horizontal applications, and are impervious to moisture, is the texture created by the use of thousands of small pieces of stone, that have been tumbled, polished, or pillowed. The miniscule change in elevation between the stone and grout creates a texture that is heaven on bare feet. It is an artisan solution to turn a bathroom into a spa.

The Maya and Perseid mosaics from New Ravenna are hand crafted mosaic surfaces in dusky blues and pinks, which offer the textured sophistication described above.



Patterns in pastel create visual stimuli, often taking their cue directly from nature.  The whorls of seashells bring a quiet energy to their subtle hues and become the natural accessory for kitchens and bathrooms inspired by sand and surf.

Cean Irminger, creative director of New Ravenna, says of her Caroushell mosaic, “I used the tone on tone Opal and Moonstonejewel glass to create a type of pattern camouflage, I wanted it to read as a texture from a distance, and then as you get close the pattern of seahorses, coral and shells becomes visible for a happy surprise.”


Mixed-media also enhances the elegance of a pastel motif, creating texture and pattern by the natural qualities inherent in the material.

The Flock mosaic is an optical illusion of marble birds soaring through a serene blue glass sky. In Cascade, the artisans at New Ravenna created a tumultuous aquatic waterfall in glass and stone.

Pastels are the colours that whisper their presence, and embrace you in their charm.


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