Oriental style basins that add character and culture to your bathroom

When it comes to renovating bathrooms, the design can easily slip into those everyday conventions: mundane colour schemes, bland bath and sensible shower. While these are fine, it is always good to try and find ways to add a touch of personality and design to this well-used room. This doesn’t mean going over the top with bright colours and in your face furnishings, but small simple additions can sometimes make a big impact.

Basins are a great way to incorporate a design that will always catch the eye and intrigue guests, while not being too overbearing. One style that is particularly popular and commands attention is the Chinese, oriental style. Oriental basins can add character and culture to this typically tame room…



An example of this comes from The London Basin Company. The main influences and inspirations behind the designs of this mother-daughter run company come from their travels. Anna Callis, Mother and founder of the London Basin Company, said: “My daughter and I have travelled the world together drawing inspiration from all the places we have visited.” One noticeable design is the Adriana (pictured above). This is one of the company’s most colourful and complex products, blending flowing oriental themes and rich colours with glints of luxurious gold. It can work well in both classic and contemporary interiors.

Commenting on this basin, Callis says: “The Adriana has a strong Asian influence, featuring traditional oriental patterns and rich jewel colours. With this design, I wanted to create a strong focal point for the bathroom whilst also adding a touch of opulence and drama, hence the bold colour scheme and the light touches of gold.”



Another oriental-inspired design from the company is the Lorelei (pictured above). This is a white porcelain basin with a traditional royal blue Oriental pattern on the outside and two grey and orange goldfish inside the bowl to add a striking twist.

When opting for bold-themed basins you don’t want it to clash with your existing theme. Callis recommends “setting ornate basins against fairly plain backgrounds (light or dark) to create maximum impact. These basins work particularly well when paired with metallic accents such as Aged Brass or Rose Gold taps.”

However, if you want to maintain a more minimalist look, whilst still achieve the oriental, tranquil vibe, it can be done. Many people use the bathroom to emulate Chinese spas by implementing simplistic designs with a touch of nature. Kaldawei’s freestanding Miena washbasin bowl is one that would fit with this theme due to its simplistic form and shape. This oriental look can be further enhanced with natural wooden furniture, along with potted green plants and flowers.



Designer Anke Salomon says: “Washbasin bowls are highly visual. Since they sit majestically on top of a piece of furniture it is essential that the bowls possess a special, emotional aesthetic. At the same time, they should not be too polarising so that they work with other bathroom products and leave creative scope for a wide range of different architectural designs. The special feature of the Miena washbasin bowls is the way they successfully combine scale and fine-edged delicate flowing lines.

“This contrast is so striking that it was important to pare down the formal design in order to develop a harmonious, benign product. The design is based on clean-lined, timeless basic geometrical shapes that have, however, been easily freed from pure geometry in a natural, fluid way. Quiet yet special.”


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