Opposite Day: Bring your bathroom to life using contrasting colours

In celebration of Opposite Day, Utopia caught up with Naomi Nunn, Interior Designer at online bathroom retailer soak.com, and got her thoughts on using contrasting colours to bring your bathroom to life. Here’s what she had to say…

What could be more opposite than black and white? For a modernist, yet industrial inspired style, complement the core white essentials in your bathroom with matte black accessories. Used together, they can ideally contrast each other to create a sharp and stylish look. This tactic is extremely effective in creating a relaxing yet dramatic feel and is the perfect place to start if you want to use contrast without introducing bold colours.

If you do decide to add a pop of colour alongside the monochrome magic – no problem! Whether you fancy injecting some greenery or feel like going bold with bright colours, you can swap out your style whenever the urge takes you. The result? An Instagram-worthy bathroom with a feisty dash of urban character.

Add some greenery to a monochrome bathroom for a pop of colour

However, if you don’t fancy monochrome, you may want to add some colour to your bathroom to brighten the room up and create a feeling of positivity and fun. Contrasting blue and yellow can be a brave move but used in the right way it can add real character to your bathroom. Using coloured mirrors or vanity units, such as the Yellow Melbourne Tall Storage Cabinet, you can easily introduce colour without stretching your budget.

What I love about the bathroom below is that the painted blue wall versus the yellow cabinet provides depth, but the bath itself is simply a white freestanding roll top. Using a white bath means you can change the colour scheme frequently by adapting the rest of the room, without having to invest in a new bath each time.

This Yellow Melbourne Tall Storage Cabinet from Soak brings some fun to the bathroom

The use of metals within the bathroom can create an industrial feel which, when paired with soft and pastel colours, creates a stunning look. The richness created by warmer metals is sure to enhance your chosen colour palette. Copper is a popular addition to interiors, and the contrast of shiny metals with matte tones can provide a big change in any bathroom refresh.

I particularly love the freestanding copper leaf bath in the bathroom below which is perfectly complemented by the copper towel radiator.

Soak’s freestanding copper leaf bath and copper towel radiator adds warmth to this bathroom


Soak | soak.com/en-gb/

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