You won’t believe what these ‘tiles’ can do to a kitchen or bathroom

At first glance these may be mistaken for an ordinary collection of tiles that come in multiple colours and patterns, when in fact they are a savvy piece of technology…

The Nanoleaf Canvas are light panels that aim to change people’s perceptions of lighting in the home. The touch-sensitive squares transform everyday lighting into an immersive, tactile experience, that’s all about personal expression.

So what are they capable of? Canvas enables you to tap (literally) into the colour trend of the minute or mimic certain textures like marble for a softer lighting experience. It can even react to music and is compatible with all voice platforms. They can be used to cover the walls and ceiling of an entire room, or just a small area for decoration. 

“With each new product we create, our goal is always to offer a more personal & joyful lighting experience curated to each individual user,” says Gimmy Chu, CEO & Co-Founder of Nanoleaf. “With the Canvas, you decide how your light fits into your life and makes your everyday life better.”



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