How to squeeze more storage into your kitchen

Making the most of every inch of space whilst maintaining the beautiful, uncluttered aesthetic of a modern kitchen is a key concern for homeowners today, especially as the average space in a kitchen has reduced. But even if you’re short of living space you needn’t be consumed by clutter. There are a range of options that can help make every inch of space work harder for you, increasing your kitchen’s storage potential.

The key to squeezing the most storage into your kitchen is optimising all its dimensions – not just width and length, but height and depth too – and there are some ingenious products available which allow you to do just that. These can range from adaptable drawer inserts and practical corner storage solutions, to narrow panel bottle racks and versatile plinth storage (see picture above).

Narrow solutions are one way to increase storage space in a clever, space-saving way. Stylish pull out units such as such as the Vauth-Sagel larder unit allow easy visibility and access to the contents and are perfect for providing storage in a narrow place.


Vauth-Sagel larder unit

The corner is perhaps the trickiest space to store things in the kitchen. It often either becomes a place where things are put and then forgotten about, or dead space which is simply not used at all. Pull out shelves or baskets make corner storage far more practical, allowing quick and easy access to all of the cupboard contents.

Adding an extra layer of organisation within your chosen storage solution(s) can also make life easier; drawer dividers, cutlery inserts, pan stands, and spice racks can all help you to find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily.


Hailo Pantry Box



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