How to top off an industrial theme with taps and tiles

Leigh Price, co-director of the Real Stone & Tile luxury showroom, gives an expert insight into achieving the ultimate industrial look.  

The industrial style is all about embracing raw, rustic design, a contrast to the traditional white, gloss look that has been a previous style staple in many bathrooms.  

Finding the right balance between natural tones and textures, and more rustic and edgy fittings will allow for a modern, minimalistic style to be achieved, without appearing too harsh and mechanical.  

Over the years, we have found that many of our customers view the finish of their taps as a last-minute decision, usually made at the end of the project. However, we believe that design is all in the detail and that choosing your taps at the same time as deciding on your other larger spec items, will ensure your desired look is complete. When it comes to the industrial trend, the Italian brand, Nicolazzi has been a firm favourite amongst our customers over the last couple of years.   

Matt colours

To introduce this trend into your home, why not incorporate a matt black, grey or gold colour scheme subtly through your fixtures and fittings. These shades complement the industrial theme, as the finish appears natural and stripped back from any added frills.  

Create contrasts

When it comes to the trend, many of our customers love to incorporate texture, as the added detail helps create a layered, edgy look that can become an exquisite focal point. Blunt, raw fittings can also be paired with softer stone-effect tiles to create a modern, minimalistic appearance that embraces the contrast between the two designs. 

industrial grey bathroom

Go gold or go bold

If a softer industrial look is more to your taste, opt for a lighter finish, rose gold, which gives the industrial trend an air of elegance due to the softer shade. This approach can also provide versatility for potential future design changes, as many other colour schemes and accessories can be matched with the lighter fitting. If you are still daring to go bold, consider pairing lighter fittings with dark stone-effect tiles to create an edgy, on-trend space that enables the colour to really stand out.   

rose gold industrial taps

Wood-effect tiles

Over the years, wood-effect tiles have become increasingly popular. They seem to be in demand all over the home due to the variety of shades available, and the ease in which they are maintained when compared to the ‘real thing’. No matter what shade you opt for, grey or more traditional warmer tones, the wood-effect tile will create the perfect modern twist on an original rustic vibe.  

As you can see, the way in which you incorporate the industrial trend is all down to personal preference. Whether you choose to introduce the trend subtly though fixtures and fittings or make a bold statement with feature walls and tiles, the possibilities are endless. 


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