Focus on: Sleek and Smart Hot Taps

1. The Grohe Red 2.0 (pictured above) makes a red-hot addition to the kitchen with 99°C water at the push of a button. Available in two options, Duo and Mono, in Polished Chrome, shown here, and Brushed Stainless Steel as part of a complete kitchen supplied by a Häfele Studio Partner. Price on request.




2. The Geo 4-in-1 from Rangemaster delivers cold, hot, filtered cold and 98°C water and features a magnetic hot fob for safety. £1,295.

3. Reflecting the interiors trend for coloured metals, Franke’s new Omni Contemporary 4-in-1 tap dispenses 100°C filtered boiling water, filtered cold water and standard mains hot and cold, and is available in Gold, Black, Gunmetal and Copper, as shown here. From £1,445.

4. The Hotspot Titanium 3-in1 Adrianna boiling water tap which comes with a 4-litre tank. Shown here in Chrome and also available in Stainless Steel and with an Alessio swan neck. £1,350.

5. Quatreau’s Pure H20 SmartTap is made entirely from Stainless Steel to deliver water quality purer than bottled water, from £1500.

6. The Quooker Flex boiling water tap in distinctive Nordic Round design features a flexible pull-out hose. Available in a choice of Chrome, shown here, and Stainless Steel. From £1,150.

7. The Insinkerator L Shape 3N1 dispenses filtered steaming hot water, plus hot and cold options. Shown here in sleek Satin Black and also available in Anthracite, Brushed Gold, Brushed Steel and Polished Chrome. £1,000.


8. The Dornbracht Lot water dispenser with one control lever and two functions for filtered cold orhot water, £1000.

9. Perrin & Rowe’s Celeste 3-in-1 instant hot mixer with lever handles in Chrome offers up to 98°C steaming hot filtered water instantly, as well as hot and cold water. £1,055.

10. The Caple 3-in-1 Vapos Quad steaming water tap for fresh cold water, regular hot water and filtered 98°C steaming water dispensed from its Stainless Steel cubic-shaped spout. Choose from this or the swan-necked Vapos. £1,010.

11. The CDA th100c 3-in-1 instant hot tap allows cup after cut of hot water to be dispensed before reheating is required. £600.

12. The Abode Pronteau 3-in-1 Prostream steaming hot water tap, in two symmetrical designs and five on trend finishes plus a new, compact 2-litre boiler. Pictured in Urban Copper. From £750. 13. Zip’s new HydroTap All-in-One Celsius Arc dispenses five water types, including filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, plus unfiltered hot and cold water for washing up. Available in 12 different colours. From £2,000.

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