Green Oasis: Rencraft brought the outside in with this green themed kitchen

This property in Sevenoaks is crammed full of quirky features and the new owner wanted Rencraft to provide a kitchen that would be just as eye-catching. They wanted a bright, cheery and welcoming space for food preparation, dining and sipping coffee with friends, as well as a small desk area for taking care of daily admin.

With so much light flooding in through the large windows, there was a sense of nature knocking on the door and waiting to be let in to this bright and cheerful home. By adding a splash of green to the hand-painted kitchen cabinets it helped to enhance the seamless flow between the outdoor and indoor zones.

Brass hinges and bar handles were chosen to complement the off-white shade used on the rest of the cabinetry and in the office area, while the oak worktop on the desk was oiled to match perfectly with the parquet floor.

Curved corners and a bevelled door design add interest, while a domino hob and Neff appliances ensure that this kitchen is as practical to use as it is pretty to look at.

Steve Sellen, Senior Designer at Rencraft, commented: “This bright green, hand-painted peninsula is a fantastic example of the growing trend for bold, statement shades within the kitchen.

“Here, colour has been used to highlight a specific area. This has then been balanced with a more neutral tone on the remaining cabinetry in order to create impact without being too overpowering.

“Greens are particularly pleasing in the kitchen as they tend to be associated with the natural world. In this case there is a sense of harmony between the inside and outside space as the pop of colour on the peninsula complements the views of the lush, leafy garden afforded by the large bay window and patio doors.”


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