Choosing the right green for your bathroom

Jane Gilchriest, Director at Alternative Bathrooms, reveals why green should make it’s way into your bathroom and how to go about finding the right shade for you…

Most bathrooms have split personalities. It’s the purely functional space we stumble into first thing in the morning for a brisk shower, but it can also be a haven; a peaceful, relaxing place to enjoy the sensory pleasures of delicious scents and plentiful hot water. At this level, we are connecting directly with the natural world and we can emphasise this by adding yet another sensory element – colour.

Green surrounds us in nature, offering an extraordinary tonal range from the muted silver-green of eucalyptus leaves and the warm blue-green of a duck egg through to the jewel tones of moss, emerald and malachite. Warm or cold, subtle or jungle-bright, it’s an enticing colour to decorate with and one which can have a profound effect on our senses. In the practice of Colour Therapy, green is seen as “the colour of nature and the earth, bringing balance and harmony to mind and body.”

 It’s no coincidence that calming, soft greens are seen so often in public spaces, or that interior designers often use bright greens as focus elements. These two approaches also offer cues for using green in the bathroom, the two extremes being either to create an entirely green space or, alternatively, to just drop in a couple of elements to highlight other themes. Most of us will choose something between these two polar opposites.


Sometimes you only need a little green

The first step is to gather plenty of sources. Pull together as many different green paint swatches as you can, from both designer paint ranges and high street suppliers, and scout through magazines, Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds for inspiration on putting it all together. In the process, you’ll discover three key things:

  • The types of green which most appeal to you
  • How much green you really want
  • How readily different greens can work together.

Just as in the forest environment, countless shades of green can happily co-exist and, taking another cue from the natural world, green is closely related to the tones you’ll find in timber, wicker, rattan and seagrass. If you are looking for a very soft, natural look, this signposts some great matches of colour and texture.

Another good way to explore green is with nature-themed tiles or specialist bathroom wallcoverings, featuring elements such as leaves, flowers or treescapes. These are probably best utilised to create a feature wall – although in very small bathrooms or cloakrooms you can sometimes go way over the top and fill the whole space with crazy colour and pattern. 

In most bathrooms though, adding just a few focus elements such as green basins or cabinetry will introduce the theme in a strong, modern way. You can leave it at that or add some smaller accessories to layer up the effect. Green is also a natural partner to bright white, making it super easy to partner with sanitaryware and signalling a way to create a beautiful green bathroom without breaking the bank!


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