Gold Rush

Gold Rush – subtle, sophisticated shades of gleaming gold, for instant luxury and glamour

Along with avocado bathroom suites, shiny gold taps were considered the height of sophistication. Fortunately, time’s a great healer. And the ostentatious, swan-shaped taps that graced many a bath and sink like a park fountain have been superseded by something a little more – well – understated.

From statement showerheads to finishing accents on walls and accessories, interior designers appear to be cooling on chrome and have warmed once again to using golden hues in the bathroom – from rose tones to sunray shades.

Emily Hyde, bathroom design director for Sanctuary Kitchens & Bathrooms, observes, “There is a subtle move away from classic chrome for the bathroom. The timeless appeal of gold tones provides a refreshing alternative. A few well-chosen pieces can create an element of old-world glamour and luxury.”

The return of gold sanitaryware is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, says interior designer Lily Paulson-Ellis. “The key to it not looking dated is to choose modern fittings with simple forms – nothing too ornate or blingy! And gold looks more modern against a dark wall or a travertine tile. Don’t forget to specify the towel rail, wastes, U-bends if on display, robe hooks and shower door frame in the same finish for a considered look.”

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