3 tips for creating a sustainable kitchen

sustainable kitchen from Rotpunkt for Earth Day

In celebration of Earth day (22nd April), Utopia asked high-end kitchen supplier Rotpunkt how to create a more environmentally friendly, sustainable kitchen. Here’s what they had to say:


Farm-to-table food preparation in the comfort of home is a great way to create a sustainable kitchen environment. Designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, an independent kitchen unit that can be used as a kitchen herb garden is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Creating a dedicated area to cultivate organic food and ingredients to cook with, this unique kitchen element is ideal for growing fresh herbs that you can tend daily, or fragrant flowers to add natural aroma and beauty to the space.

Rotpunkt has a 91cm tall Herb Box, an independent unit which can be affixed to adjoining worktops / base units / drawers to create a unique storage solution. You line the recessed cavity with membrane, fill with soil and get ready to plant your herbs without damage to the furniture.

Additionally, you could use this space as an open ice bucket (if lined appropriately), keeping your drinks cool and on hand throughout summer. It can even be a simple easy-access storage unit that is raised for extra utility.


The construction of your kitchen furniture is another great way to be more environmentally aware, as different materials can impacting not only how it looks, but also weight, cost and carbon footprint. If you’re looking for a sustainable kitchen furniture solution then consider a kitchens core structure, as well as its method of supply, i.e. local, national and international.

For example, Rotpunkt use 37% less timber across all its kitchens; without compromising on quality and stability. Conserving more of our natural forests, BioBoard by Rotpunkt is the sustainable, green and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chip boards. The weight is reduced by 30% by using corn and other yearly plants and both the stability and quality of the manufacturing process are maintained, making transport and installation even easier.


It’s all about finish at the moment, however a real marble worktop with adjoining full-height splashback or timber kitchen with opaque glass accents is still drawing from nature’s bounty. So how do you achieve the latest finishes in your kitchen whilst still being eco-friendly? Put simply, laminates! Laminate solutions are making it easy to create super-realistic natural effect kitchen schemes that replicate genuine raw materials without the extra load or price tag. Laminate kitchen furniture is highly versatile, able to achieve distinct faux effects like metal, wood and marble finishes in every room in the home.


Rotpunkt | rotpunktuk.com 

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