How to choose the right shower for your bathroom

Did you know there is a right shower out there for you? Many people take the task of finding a shower too lightly and end up with something they are unhappy with and that doesn’t suit their circumstances. Utopia spoke to Mira Showers who explained how to find your perfect shower…


Before purchasing any shower, an understanding of your plumbing system will allow you to create a shortlist of suitable models straight away, as your water pressure very often determines the selection of options available for your home.

For example, if you have a cold-water tank in your loft and a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard then you most likely have a gravity/low pressure system. Whereas, if you don’t have a cold-water tank but you do have a compact boiler in your home, then you mostly likely have a high-pressure system. Many older houses have low water pressure whereas newer homes, as well as those with a combi boiler, will have high pressure.

The higher the pressure the more powerful the showering experience, particularly if you are looking for a mixer shower with a deluge showerhead. If you have low water pressure, mixer showers will work but at a reduced flow rate. However, a shower pump can be fitted and concealed under the bath or in a cupboard, to increase your water pressure. Mira’s Magni-flo technology can also provides up to three times more flow than similar competitor products.

Digital Showers

With a choice of pumped valves for low pressure gravity systems and high pressure for combi boilers, digital mixer showers are available to suit both systems. The key benefit of digital showers over standard mixer showers is the array of additional lifestyle settings they offer. For example, the Mira Mode digital shower has an intuitive push button controller for deluge head, handset and bath fill options, as well as a separate remote control that can be used outside of the shower area for added flexibility.

Individuals can also personalise their showering experience to their own specific needs with digital showers. Through the free Mira Mode App you can set temperature controls to within a degree, giving you the reassurance of added safety, particularly in multi-generational households.                    

Mixer Showers

If you are interested in a standard mixer shower, be sure to look out for a model that offers thermostatic control, as this ensures the temperature stays constant even when the water pressure changes.

Mixer showers can be bought surface mounted or as valves that recess into the wall. Generally, surface mounted models are easier to install as they fix to the front of a tiled wall, however built-in valves give a stylish, minimalist look which can be useful in a small space.

Electric Showers

Electric showers remain a popular choice as they don’t rely on stored hot water and they work even if your boiler fails. Most are connected to the mains cold supply, meaning many households can have one, and because they heat water as and when you need it, they are very efficient showers, making them a great choice for families. High-performance electric showers, such as the Mira Sport Max, are also a great option for an en-suite if you have a mixer shower in the main bathroom.

Power Showers

Power showers rely on a gravity based, tank-fed system to increase the water pressure to provide a revitalising shower, making them ideal for homes with plenty of hot water but unsuitable for high pressure systems. All-in-one power showers also have a built-in pump to boost the flow of water even further.


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