Burlington Granite’s five top tips to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

As green living and eco-friendly interiors continue to gain traction in the home design sphere, more homeowners are looking to put a planet-first stamp on living spaces – and what better place to start than the hub of your home: the kitchen?

When it comes to greener living, the reality is that in modern homes, there are plenty of ways to up your kitchen’s eco credentials without sacrificing much-loved home comforts. In today’s post, the kitchen design experts from Burlington Granite will be sharing their top tips on how you can achieve stylish kitchen design, while also putting the planet first.

Seek out sustainable materials

Regardless of whether you’re embarking on a full kitchen redesign or you just want some simple yet impactful eco-conscious updates, the key is to seek out sustainable materials. From kitchen cabinets to flooring and furniture, the world of interior design boasts a wealth of variety when it comes to making sustainable and ethical choices for your kitchen design.

Using natural materials such as wood is an obvious choice to avoid man-made alternatives that can be damaging to the planet – but, be sure to check they’re ethically sourced and replenishable. A safe option would be cork, bamboo or reclaimed wood, which are not only kinder on the planet, but also offer a stunning natural finish.

Think long-term

If you’re serious about your environmental ethos, it’s wise to think long-term when planning your kitchen design, investing in long-lasting, durable and quality pieces rather than cheaper alternatives.

While it may seem like a significant outlay initially, durable features such as granite worktops and tiled floors can last a lifetime if well cared for, meaning you won’t have to pay out for replacements every few years and it’ll reduce environmental waste in the process. Naturally, interior tastes and trends change over time, but choosing classic styles in neutral tones will make sure your kitchen never goes out of style.

Embrace the latest technology

Unsurprisingly, technology is becoming an increasingly popular feature for modern kitchen design – and for those seeking to reduce their home’s impact on the environment, these can be incredibly useful tools. Not only do they have the benefit of boosting your home’s energy efficiency, but they will also bring the heart of your home very much into the 21st century.

From swapping to energy-efficient LED lights and upgrading to state-of-the-art kitchen appliances that are kinder on the planet to installing Smart Home technology that allows you to manage energy consumption, utilising home tech can go a long way in offsetting your kitchen’s carbon footprint.

Add a natural aesthetic

Adding houseplants to your kitchen interiors is a brilliant way to invite colour and texture to one of the more practical areas of your home – but these leafy additions can add so much more. With their numerous health benefits that include air-purifying prowess and mood-boosting properties, incorporating houseplants of any size and species will work wonders in projecting an eco-friendly kitchen for you to enjoy.

However, the scope for natural interiors doesn’t end there – adding decorative flourishes using wood, stone, ceramic and other organic materials within the area is a fabulous way to bring nature and your planet-friendly intentions to the fore of your design.

Decorate with a conscience

 No kitchen is complete without some decorative flair, but whatever your personal tastes, be sure to shop consciously when choosing how to finish and furnish the space – opting for locally sourced, environmentally-friendly and sustainable products where possible.

From non-toxic paints and eco-friendly wallpapers to upcycled furniture and reclaimed artwork, creating the finished look for your homely kitchen that combines style with Earth-loving values is now easier than ever before.

Whether designing a new kitchen or simply looking for some green updates for your existing space, we hope these ideas will bring you one step closer to your dream kitchen that puts the planet first.

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