Why you should bring brass into your kitchen

Kitchens come to life with brass.  This versatile metal when used with subtle accents across the kitchen in drawer pulls, handles, taps and overhead light fixtures, radiates warmth and industrial chic.  Just a touch of brass makes a big impact.  Higham Furniture suggest pairing burnished brass with Little Greene’s Lamp Black paint for maximum lustre and glow.   

Designer Tim Higham says: “Brass works well with any dark or muted colour especially greys, blues and greens. If the colour is too bright however it can clash (avoid bright red). We mostly pair brass with oak, stone and marble.

We tend to avoid mixing chrome with brass as there’s too much contrast. Stainless steel can work and is usually unavoidable in a kitchen setting as majority of free-standing fridge freezers only come in stainless steel. Some customers embrace the contrast of the different metals and make a statement of it. How much brass you use in your kitchen completely depends on what’s in your home.   

Be aware, that brass product finishes can vary slightly, so it’s a good idea to check before you commit to buying multiple brass products & fixings.  Ultimately, brass adds a warm soft tone to the furniture and in some contexts it can create a modern, industrial look or with aged brass it can portray a vintage chic feel, making a new kitchen look like its been there for years.”


brass kitchen fixtures

Add a touch of brass to the kitchen through handles, taps, light switches and hinges


Higham | higham.co.uk

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