The biggest bathroom design trends of 2019

2019 looks set to be a big year for bathroom design. BC Designs have seen a multitude of new and exciting products that offer the opportunity to add plenty of personality to your bathroom, as well as creating a room that offers luxury and indulgence in abundance. Here’s what BC Designs had to say about the top trends in the bathroom for 2019…

Traditional is making a comeback and 2019 will bring a revival of Victorian vibes. While aesthetics such as dark walls help to create the mood, the star feature is a show-stopping bath. There are plenty of options out there at the moment, but a personal favourite has to be our copper boat bath, both for its design but also because it is made using the same time-honoured techniques that the Victorians would have used. 

Wood will also feature in 2019 and can be added through cabinetry or even a wooden bath for the more adventurous customer! As a material, it is often used for its ability to add both warmth and character, as well as its capacity to add colour. The Bayswater cabinet– available in three on-trend colours – creates a unique centre-piece to any bathroom, with the added bonus of deep storage space for ample toiletries.

Spa bathrooms are just about everywhere you turn, there is no getting away from this trend. An instant way of creating a spa bathroom in your own home is to install a freestanding bath as a way of creating a main focal point that instantly draws your eye. There are some strikingly modern baths now available that have expanded the design possibilities that have made spa bathrooms such a huge trend. To really set it apart, consider placing it in the centre of the room or away from other sanitary ware.

The Kurv bath offers all the trend-setting design we’ve come to expect from spas and has been combined with the latest innovation in materials including the use of mineral compounds that both retains heat for longer and is warm to touch. 

Brass is back. ‘Wow-factor’ shower brassware will be huge in 2019, with considered pieces including a choice of tap and showers. The Victrion Range will soon be available in a variety of finishes including gold and brushed gold.

Texture has been around for a while now and is often achieved through the use of tiles. However, expect big things this year as texture makes a play for a starring role within bathroom design. How? By taking over items such as sinks as baths, as homeowners turn to materials such as concrete, marble and even unfinished Terrazzo.


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