What goes on in the average British kitchen in a year

New research has revealed the average British kitchen hosts 171 arguments, 624 bouts of laughter and sips 2,828 cups of tea in just one year.

This nationwide survey also found that 70% of Brits see the kitchen as the heart of the home, and therefore the setting for many of life’s best, worst and most crucial moments.

From sharing 218 pieces of gossip and enduring 182 kids tantrums, to enjoying 275 singalongs and 72 kitchen discos, the research found the average British family kitchen to be a busy place over one year.

An average of three parties, whether planned or spontaneous, are hosted in the kitchen every year, alongside spilling 166 drinks and sharing 463 kisses.

The survey, commissioned by British cooking appliance brand Belling, found Brits to spend an average of 3 hours a day in the kitchen, with it being the setting for many of life’s big moments, including 15% of relationship’s coming to an end, 20% of small businesses being planned and even 5% of people giving birth there.

Jane Rylands, spokesperson from Belling, said “This research shows just how integral the kitchen is to the British family home. It’s a place of treasured moments, spontaneous fun and life-changing events. Belling has been proud to feature in British family kitchens for over 100 years, and it’s clear to see that even as modern family life has developed, the kitchen remains the beating heart of the home.”

The research also revealed 70% of people think women remain in control of the kitchen, as roughly 65% of the cooking and preparing of vegetables are managed by women. However, the washing up is more equal, with 45% of men claiming the task. This however is disputed between the genders, as 65% of men admitted to regularly undertaking the washing up, whereas women argue that it is in fact only 35%. 

On average it’s been 7 years since the British kitchen has been renovated, and Brits have big ideas for what would be the dream appliance in their ideal kitchen.

44% would like a large American-style fridge, 38% would choose underfloor heating and 37% want a freestanding island. Around 32% chose a breakfast bar as their dream item, 31% are desperate for a double oven and 29% said a range cooker would perfect their family kitchen.

Finally, the research found that when families are looking for inspiration, Britain’s favourite chef is Gordon Ramsay who was chosen by 31% of respondents, narrowly pipping Jamie Oliver (30 %) to the top spot, and ahead of Mary Berry and Nigella Lawson (both 18%). 

Full Survey Results

Every year the average British kitchen sees the following:

Family meals: 203
Arguments: 171
Slices of toast burned: 146
Spilled drinks: 166
Children having tantrums: 182
Kids stealing food from cupboard:172
Songs sung along to: 275
Pieces of gossip exchanged: 218
Bouts of laughter: 624
Dances: 72
Loads of washing up: 650
Roasts: 52
Take-aways: 62
Decisions made: 120
Kisses: 463
TV Dinners: 114
Pieces of homework completed: 94
Tears shed: 94
Pieces of work completed: 109
Cups of tea: 2828


Belling | belling.co.uk

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