Armac Martin’s top three hardware design trends


As one of the leading luxury hardware manufacturers, Armac Martin are well-known for producing fixtures and fittings that make a statement. One example of statement hardware, with its machined design and separate backplates, is the Dougan collection. This boasts a bold, deco inspired feel and consists of one knob, two cabinet pulls, and an appliance pull.


The Dougan Collection


Contrast is key for adding visual depth to any space. Combining silver, gold, brass or iron with additional metal accents creates texture and layers, whilst counteracting the minimalist look.

With the MIX collection by Armac Martin, manufactured from solid-brass machined components, consumers can create their own version of the collection by selecting the style and finish of the knobs, caps and backplates.

Mixed finishes are ideal for contemporary and modern interiors, including kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms and freestanding furniture.


The Cheshire Kitchen Company showcase the new MIX collection by Armac Martin


The neutral colour palette throughout this stunning room designed by Richard Burke Kitchens requires metallic accents such as gold, brass and nickel in order to add warmth, texture and colour.

The cool-toned cabinetry pairs perfectly with these burnished brass pulls from Armac Martin’s Leebank collection.

Consisting of another solid-brass assortment, the Leebank collection emits an industrial look with its machined straight knurl detail.


Cool-toned cabinetry with burnished brass pulls



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