Nature’s way

Nature’s way – add some rustic styles inspired by the changing seasons to your home

As one of the hottest summers in the UK on record makes way for the cooler, wetter months of autumn, it’s time to embrace the beauty of nature that this transitioning season has to offer.

From the gorgeous, earthy hues of falling leaves to textured, weathered woods, there are many sources of inspiration for your kitchen or bathroom. As the shorter days trigger the natural human desire to make things cosy and enveloping in anticipation of what lies ahead, adding some rustic style to your home will not only warm the cockles but create a look perfect for living all year around.

And, while there’s nothing quite like the genuine article for its raw power and beauty, there are myriad materials that can be repurposed or emulate Mother Nature to a tee. From reclaimed timber to ceramic surfaces that are lighter than aluminium and harder than stone.

“The way in which natural materials are being used in contemporary kitchens is a real game changer,” says Wayne Dance, managing director for Inhouse Ltd. “Instead of using natural resources to create contemporary surfaces, we are creating contemporary surfaces by utilising the best of nature, repurposing beautiful materials already available.”

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