10 Top Tips for a Kitchen Revamp

Looeeze Grossman, founder of The Used Kitchen Company shares her 10 Top Tips for a Kitchen Revamp

Bored by your tired kitchen, but believe it too expensive to revamp? Take heart! This could cost far less thank you think, if you follow the 10 top tips of Looeeze Grossman, founder of  The Used Kitchen Company.

1) Should it stay or should it go? Decide whether there’s any merit in keeping parts of your existing kitchen. How robust are your cupboard carcasses?  Could you just fit new doors? Would glass doors open up the space?  If nothing is worth keeping, consider a highly affordable used or ex-showroom kitchen.

2) Get on top Whether you have a new-to-you kitchen from TUKC, or your existing kitchen to work with, reimagine it, starting with the worktops.  There’s no rule to say you must keep them.  They can be changed or upgraded and, if made in a material such as quartz or granite, easily cut and resized to give your kitchen a new layout.

3) Ceilings with a kiss Painting your kitchen ceiling a different colour may completely transform your kitchen and give it a new personality. If your space is confined, choose a pale colour, to reflect light and make the space seem larger.

4) Painted Love If you have a wooden kitchen, consider repainting doors and cabinets, very inexpensively, in a colour of your choice.  Prepare and prime the wood first, then transform it with paint. Paint can also be used to draw attention to window frames and shelf bottoms.

5) Can you handle it? New handles and knobs can quickly add a new feel to a kitchen, whether they are vintage, ultra-modern or quirky.

6) Take to the floor You could just change the flooring, to reimagine the space.  It may even be able to cover existing flooring with new. Consider wood, floor tiles, or check out fantastic laminated flooring.

7) Buy an island If you have room and enough walk-around space, consider an island and create a visual focal zone that draws attention away from cupboards you are not keen on.

8) Splashing out Splashbacks are great kitchen transformers, whether you go for glass, stainless steel, metallic effects, mosaics or tiles.  Creating a feature wall, painted in a suitable colour or covered in a kitchen-friendly wallpaper, is another clever way to transform wall space.

9) Let there be light! Lighting is an ambience creator playing a major role in kitchen revamps.  Flooding a kitchen with light can also make a small one appear bigger.  Spotlights provide great worktop illumination, but backlit glass panels are another option.  Two or three pendant lights over an island will make it a star feature, whilst lighting in its base will make it appear to float!

10) Everything and the kitchen sink Swap your kitchen sink to stainless steel or copper, for an industrial or country feel, or go vintage with a Butler or Belfast sink.  Change faucets to suit and incorporate complementary fabrics in window blinds.  Display pots and pans on open shelving, a wall rail, or a frame above an island and consider a dresser on which to show off crockery and utensils, if you have room.
Use these tips and you may fall in love with your kitchen again. If not, there are plenty at www.theusedkitchencompany.com to swoon over!

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