10 reasons why you should consider a bespoke kitchen

Most people are happy to pick out a ready-made kitchen, less hassle, less fuss. However, there are some that want to opt for a more outside-the-box, custom-made design. If you are unsure about which option to go with, then Temza have 10 reasons why bespoke should be your answer…

1. It will suit your room perfectly and make the maximum use of space, taking every little nook and cranny into account. This is particularly useful for period properties in which walls aren’t necessarily completely straight and there may be little quirks or features that can be incorporated into the design and use the area to its full potential.

2. It’s the most practical solution. You can adjust the worktop and shelf heights to your own height and preferences, which makes cooking as comfortable as possible.

3. There will be a place for everything. Only you know how you use your kitchen and what you like to keep in it – a good designer will make sure you have space for exactly what you need and they’re all in the right places, from your bulkiest appliances to your tiniest teaspoons.

4. There will be no wasted materials, like unused corners or infill panels, which are common when you are using a modular kitchen system with set elements.

5. You’ll have unlimited design choices, colours and styles to suit your personal taste and your home. Hand painted, spray painted, and veneered kitchen fronts are popular, but with bespoke design, anything is possible!

6. You can customise your internal finishes as well, so your kitchen can be just as beautiful inside as outside. Details like this will give your kitchen that extra special feel, not only to your guests, but to you every single day.

7. Perfect quality. You can rely on top quality and workmanship with bespoke kitchens, compared to factory made units which often have to be shipped thousands of miles.

8. Guaranteed fit. The joiner templates the kitchen on site so you will know for sure it will fit without any surprises when it turns up at the door.

9. Everything is completed by experts. Some kitchen companies don’t offer fitting, which means the final result is not guaranteed. A joinery company, however, will fully fit the units themselves so everything will be completed as planned.

10. You have the flexibility to carry the design to different areas, for example, a matching pantry, utility room or entrance bench using the same colour scheme and design details will enhance the visual flow of your interior.


At Temza we always recommend a bespoke kitchen whenever the budget allows. Even though it’s the premium option, it really is worth it!


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